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Cost of Abortion

Breakdown of the charges for Abortion (less than 9 weeks) or Dilatation & Curettage (D&C):
(All prices in Singapore dollars)

  1. Consultation:S$150
  2. Ultrasound: S$100
  3. Anaesthetic fee: S$250
  4. Procedure fee: From S$1,300
  5. Thin Prep: S$60
  6. Facility fee: S$450
  7. Ward fee: S$350
  8. Medicine: S$80
  9. Post Review Visit: S$200 (estimated)

*Please note that the fees mentioned above are estimated based on most of our patients. However there will be instances where the charges may differ depending on each patient's requirements. Should you need more assistance, please call our clinic and our staff will be able to offer financial counselling.

Some people book for the operation but change their minds at the last moment, causing us to lose patients who are not able to get the bookings of their choice. The deposit of $200.00 is instituted so that patients are more serious when they book. If you cancel the operation with more than 48 hours grace, the deposit will not be forfeited as a cancellation charge. This deposit will go towards paying for the anesthetic fee which has risen due to increased cost of the drugs.

My normal charges for consultation and ultrasound are $150.00 plus $100.00 - totaling $250.00. However, if the consultation is longer than 15 minutes, the consultation fee will increase accordingly (from $150.00 and upwards).

If you decide to carry on with the pregnancy, any deposit made can be used for the next consultation which you will need for any continuing pregnancy.

The final amount which you need to pay will be informed to you and it depends on the size of the pregnancy. It is inclusive of the operation procedure, ward charges, anesthesia and standard pain-killers. I normally also perform a Thin Prep which is charged separately. If any injectable pain killer is needed, or if antibiotics are required after the operation due to pre-existing vaginal infection - then these are NOT included, and will be charged separately.

I hope that you are now clear about the charges. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any further queries.

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Our clinic is MOH-accredited to provide both medical and surgical abortion in Singapore, as well as close monitoring throughout the process to ensure optimal patient safety.

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